Inspire & Empower Children Through Education



“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to Change the World” – Nelson Mandela

With this grand and the most pure intention, we embarked our journey on 24th January 2017 to create an impact that could live forever. Karmavati English Medium School & Sunflower Pubic School – the two sources of our future generation residing in Marunji locality of Pune, were the projects undertaken by SCMHRDians to energize and inspire the kids.

The experience was totally different for me being a volunteer for the entire initiative. The preparation had begun with 10 days in hand and as the time neared efforts from the entire team went on to a different level. The objective was to give back an impactful lesson to kids and hence modules were prepared on Cleanliness, Good Manners, Save Trees & Water Conservation. The module touched all, the basic techniques to some “Jugaads” to all the eye openers that could save the world from hazards. Also we designed a few fun –filled activities like lantern making, flag making etc.  to enhance creativity of kids. The designing of the entire schedule for both the schools itself was a challenge for the entire team to allocate 270 students among 29 classes of two different schools. Each student was assigned a particular task and everyone had their individual role to impact kids. Students enjoyed a lot interacting with kids and it was a nostalgia moment for many. We expected a lukewarm response from kids but the way they interacted was quite heartwarming. Kids had a fun loving education session and they too were engaged and happy.

As an MBA student, I really feel that such initiative should be taken by each and every society to impact the weaker section around us. Empowering the unprivileged ones will boost the society as a whole and there would be eradication of many social evils along with bridging of gap between rich and poor. Bringing a change through education is the most constructive and holistic way and it would always leave a long lasting impact. This was just a beginning of a new change by HRDians and I believe that in coming years the event would be more grand and fruitful -involving more schools, kids and faculties.

These 2 days experience would always remain etched in my mind and will always push me ahead to be a “Giver” for the society, be it in any form. Our future really lies in the hands of these small hands and its our responsibility to show them the right path, bright future and hence creating a Stronger India.

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